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Retirement living with fun, friends & great food.

Coming to Saddleback
in West Kelowna 2023

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Project Overview

The Williston is a development for active seniors in West Kelowna, and particularly the Shannon Lake neighbourhood, offering independent senior living.

As communities mature and generations advance into their senior years, many seniors want to have a community of friends and a little help from time to time.

The Williston offers seniors a high-quality lifestyle within their established community.


The Williston is proposed for seniors seeking independent living with the option for meals, housekeeping and other services in a premium quality development.

The present regulations that manage the use of the property envisioned seniors care but in the form of a licensed facility that limits room sizes, amenities and services to a lower standard than proposed by the Williston.

To facilitate the improved seniors care development an addition to the present zone to include ‘Congregate Care’ is part of this application.

The Congregate Care land use is not limited to the minimums of the license restrictions and can offer a much higher standard of quality and lifestyle.


The Williston is a 3 storey building formed in 5 interconnected blocks facing Saddleback Way. The building steps along the road front to better adapt to the natural form of the land. Also, the building steps from front to back to further reduce changes to the land.

At the core of the Williston is the amenity block hosting the dining, food services, lounges and administration. Extending in both directions from the amenity core are the residential wings.

The Williston is a Contemporary Colonial architecturally styled development. The homes have terraces and the common areas have roof top decks with landscape features and seating.

The principal entry is within the site with a secondary access to Saddleback Way. Internal gardens offer residents a quiet respite within ornamental plantings and the undeveloped power right of way is sustained as natural.

Senior Housing vs Apartments

The site permits apartment development with the existing zoning. We feel senior housing is a better use of apartment form for 2 reasons.

First, a similar apartment development would generate 5 times the amount of morning traffic and 3 times the amount of evening traffic so would be more disruptive to the community.

Second, West Kelowna is shy of more than 400 units of seniors housing now and many older residents are suffering from the lack of congregate housing supply.

& Parking

The Williston has taken great care to provide 112% of the required parking within a 2 storey parkade in a separate structure behind the Williston and adjacent to the power right of way. Additional visitor surface parking and 3 loading stalls are adjacent to the principal entry.

Vehicles will access the site off the easement lane leading to Saddleback Way. A professional traffic and safety study has confirmed the suitability of this shared access.

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